Revenue Protection Manager

Gloucester £28000 - £32000

Our client operates as a leader within the events management market, delivering valuable, innovative and high quality services to the UK’s most prestigious sporting events and the largest festivals. Whilst this is an exciting and rewarding sector, this role will include a high volume of weekend work during their busy periods. Naturally, you would work a five-day week.

They have recently seen significant growth, which they aim to continue. The industry is extremely fast paced and is evolving quickly with the use of new technology and social media, providing ongoing opportunity for their further development as a brand leader in their field. The industry has now become an all year round proposition with events throughout the calendar, although there is a significant peak during the spring to late summer period, during which, they will employ as many as 600/700 staff each weekend, managing as many as 180 vendors on one site

The role sits within their concessions business which manages the end to end provision of catering, services and relevant infrastructure on behalf of their client (the event owner), from selection of vendors, acquisition of all infrastructure, positioning, security etc. The financial model is based upon the owners of Events & Festivals receiving a share of the revenue generated by the vendors and it is therefore imperative that all third party and in-house retailers follow procedure and are transparent in relation to the revenue generated.

This role is a high profile position, client facing and responsible for the development and adoption of clear processes for all parties to follow. You will be responsible, with your team, for ensuring that all trading is audited and is compliant with procedure. Fees are often paid in cash and on the day of the event - it is your role to ensure, though adequate pre-planning and liaison with third parties (G4S etc), that all cash is managed in a timely and appropriate manner. You will also have a long term focus on the development of industry practice through greater use of technology - promoting greater use of electronic payment etc…

You should have an enquiring mind, an eye for detail and communication skills which will enable you to work, effectively, with all types of people. You will be process driven and analytical in your ability to monitor trading, variations (year on year) and tospot anomalies. You will have a natural leadership style, allowing you to build and develop your team.

Experience that would be relevant might include -

  • The Events industry - ideally you will have a passion for Events!
  • Audit/Compliance - Accounting, Retail, Financial Services (other)
  • Cash Management

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£28000 - £32000



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