Rockfield Spotlight, 20 Questions with Simon Collinson

The Rockfield Spotlight is our blog series in which we interview the team. This month as it’s our very first Rockfield Spotlight, we thought who better to interview than Simon Collinson, Director of Rockfield Specialist Recruitment.

Simon has over 15 years’ experience recruiting  at all levels including senior and executive professionals within the UK & Europe, covering blue chip & SMEs for Plc, privately owned and VC & PE backed businesses.

So, have a look at Simon’s answers to our 20 questions… we promise they aren’t all serious!

1. What was your business’ original mission? How has that mission evolved in the time since?

“To develop a recruitment business that genuinely focused on quality of service. It has evolved to focus on the relationships that good customer service enables you to develop, and all that we now do at Rockfield is focused around the development of long-term, strong partnerships with our customers.”

2. What did you learn from the worst boss you ever had?

“Not to micromanage – I can even remember the boss!”

3. If you couldn’t be a recruiter what would you be?

“A paramedic. I believe this is one of the most worthwhile jobs of all – they are on the front line of some of the most tragic situations and every day they have life and death in their hands.”

4. Who would you most like to have dinner with (dead or alive)?

“Difficult… James Caan. I’ve read his autobiography and would be interested to discuss his experiences in recruitment.”

5. If you could have any super power which would it be and why?

“Flying – largely because it would eliminate the possibility of getting speeding tickets!”

6. Who do you find inspirational?

“Ben Ainsley – what he did in the Olympic Games in 2012 was amazing

and to achieve what he did in the Americas cup was incredible.”

7. If you were a Crayola crayon what colour would you be?

“Perhaps green. Happy, outgoing, and not too serious.”

8. What would be your ideal Sunday?

“In a good pub eating roast rib of beef in the country, with a glass of nice red and an open fire.”

9. How would you describe yourself in three words?

“Outgoing, competitive, fun-loving.”

Quick Fire Questions:

10. Cats or Dogs?


11. Coffee or Tea?


12. Left or Right handed?

13. Android or iPhone?

14. Sunrise or Sunset?


15. Land or Sea?



16. Favourite place to visit?

“Tenby – particularly for the Round the Island sailing race”

17. Favourite quote?

“Actions speak louder than words” or “talk is cheap”.

18. Favourite film of all time?


19. Favourite food?

“Rib-eye steak”

20. Favourite colour?


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