Jim Winchester, MD, Electrified Automation

"Working with Rockfield has been critical to our business growth as we are constantly looking for specialist skillsets in unique areas in a part of the country that is not a hotspot for the area we operate in. As a result the recruitment of staff is often our biggest bottleneck to business growth and therefore our recruitment partner is of great importance to us.

Simon has done a great job of first getting to know our business, having spent time with all members of the senior management team and getting an idea for our business strategy Simon is well placed to talk about Electrified with potential candidates.

Once we have a role available we will review the job specification in detail with Simon and he will often ask the difficult questions a candidate may ask to ensure he is well prepared to pitch the role correctly and answer questions with minimum input from us. Taking this approach means Simon can in most cases confirm whether a candidate is a good fit for us without input from the Electrified team.

The onboarding process of any new recruit is important to us and Simon respects that and stays in touch during that period to make sure any issues are identified and handled promptly.

We are looking forward to working with Rockfield in the future as we continue to grow our team.